My PPE Project

I Kept Hearing About The Problem

There's many doctors in my family and I kept hearing about the shortage of personal protective equipment from them and also on the news.

Mar 12, 2020

Finding A Solution

I wanted to make masks, and started watching YouTube videos on how to make them, but realized I did not know how to sew nor did I have the necessary equipment. Then I started thinking about what else I could do.

Mar 16, 2020

An Idea Came To Me

I overheard my Aunt, an ER doctor, asking if she could borrow my mom's swim caps because there was a shortage of headgear. That made me think maybe she could use a shower cap instead, so I asked her if shower caps could be used as PPE, and she said yes. I knew exactly who would have a bunch of shower caps!

Mar 19, 2020

Taking Action

Because I travel so much with my family, I remembered that hotel rooms always have shower caps. I made a list of all the hotels in my town, and I asked my mom if she would help me call them for shower caps donations. Not only did I collect a bunch of shower caps, I was able to collect masks and gloves too!

Mar 23, 2020

Going For A Goal

I was so excited to tell my aunt and the hospital that I had collected 3000 units of PPE, but I wanted to collect even more. That same night I saw in the news that the Washington National Cathedral donated 5000 masks to nearby hospitals (, and I just knew I could beat that number. I convinced my mom to please please let me keep going even though the shutdown had started.

Mar 26, 2020


I kept calling and going to other hotels who had supplies for me, and when I counted again, I had reached 6009 units of PPE (! We immediately called the hospital to let them know about the supplies we had collected for them, and they quickly sent a courier to my house to collect everything.

Mar 28, 2020

President Obama Said I Did A Good Job

My local community was inspired by what I did, but I could not believe that President Obama heard about what I did and thought I did a good job and then tweeted about my work.

Mar 30, 2020


I continue to collect PPE from hotels and provide it to those in need. If you need PPE, please click here for a PPE kit.

Jul 01, 2020