I started learning coding on Kano when I turned 5. Mostly I code in Python. Right now I like to code cool art images like a campsite, sunset, and waterfall. What about you?


Travel is so fun. Seeing new places, learning new words, and eating new foods. Some of my favorite places I went were Netherlands, Spain, Antigua, and West Virginia. In Netherlands I got to see all kinds of windmills. In Antigua I got to I swim with giant stingrays. In West Virginia I rode a horse. Tell me somewhere you think I should visit?


Books I enjoyed reading this year are: DogMan Series by Dav Pilkey Dream Big by Kat Kronenberg Kid Athlethes by David Stabler Pete the Cat by James Dean Magic Tree House by Mary Pope Osborne Anything interesting you are reading?


My favorite checkmate is the ladder checkmate. The move I use most often against my opponents in opening is c5. I did my first chess tournament last year. Once I saw a grand master play against 25 people at once in New York City. Whats your favorite opening?


I love cooking and trying new Foods. Me and my mom go try a new restaurant on our mom-son days. Then we like to cook some of our favorites at home. Some of my favorite foods are gnocchi, pizza, bibimbap, shrimp dumplings and Thai Iced Tea. I am trying to grow some herbs this summer but so far its turning out pretty bad. My little sister keeps drowning them in water.

Me and My Sister

Does anyone else have a little sister? They are so cute but can be so crazy. She is my best friend for a few hours out of everyday. We love to ride our bikes, go to the park, go swimming and build together. What I don't love is when she breaks my legos, takes my golf clubs, and writes all over my school work. But its ok. What do you and your siblings like to do?