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third grader who helps the community


Hi. My name is Zohaib.  Some of my friends like to call me Z or Zuzu.  I am 7 years old.  I am going to be in the 3rd grade at Guidepost Montessori in Virginia, the best school ever!  I miss my friends and teachers so very much.

One thing I love is ALL sports. Playing and watching! I play soccer, basketball and golf.  Me and my family love to go to Capitals, Nationals, and DC United games. It was so exciting when the Nats won the World Series.

I also just love to read books. Books at home, at the library, and at Barnes and Nobles. I did a challenge one summer where I read 1000 books before Kindergarten. This summer I am up to 500 since I read longer books now. In my other free time, I play chess, code, paint rocks, build legos, ride my bike, scooter, and swim.

And if I have more free time I learn new things! Its important to try new things. This summer we have been doing a lot of hiking so now I like to discover new parks and new trails. Also this summer my dad taught me how to fish. I came sooo close to catching my first one but the fish slipped off the hook. Cant wait to catch my first one. Also me and my cousin are learning skateboarding. Can't do many tricks yet but they look super fun.

Lastly, I love helping people, especially Doctors and Nurses. I think doctors and nurses are amazing superheroes because they save lives. They helped save my life when I was younger and had gotten really sick. I had to leave my school and all the sports I love. But these awesome doctors figured out what was wrong with me, took it out of my body and and cared for me at the hospital. Now I am healthy and can do anything I love.

When the pandemic stated in March 2020, I just knew I had to help the doctors and nurses who had helped me. And so I did! You can read all about how I came up with an idea to collect PPE from hotels. It turned out to be pretty awesome. It is great to be able to help others.  If you know anyone who still needs PPE they can always ask me for some. Just visit the Need PPE page and ill be sure to send some over.
Hello Hello

Things I Love


I started learning coding on Kano when I turned 5. Mostly I code in Python. Right now I like to code cool art images like a campsite, sunset, and waterfall. What about you?


Travel is so fun. Seeing new places, learning new words, and eating new foods. Some of my favorite places I went were Netherlands, Spain, Antigua, and West Virginia. In Netherlands I got to see all kinds of windmills. In Antigua I got to I swim with giant stingrays. In West Virginia I rode a horse. Tell me somewhere you think I should visit?


Books I enjoyed reading this year are: DogMan Series by Dav Pilkey Dream Big by Kat Kronenberg Kid Athlethes by David Stabler Pete the Cat by James Dean Magic Tree House by Mary Pope Osborne Anything interesting you are reading?


My favorite checkmate is the ladder checkmate. The move I use most often against my opponents in opening is c5. I did my first chess tournament last year. Once I saw a grand master play against 25 people at once in New York City. Whats your favorite opening?


I love cooking and trying new Foods. Me and my mom go try a new restaurant on our mom-son days. Then we like to cook some of our favorites at home. Some of my favorite foods are gnocchi, pizza, bibimbap, shrimp dumplings and Thai Iced Tea. I am trying to grow some herbs this summer but so far its turning out pretty bad. My little sister keeps drowning them in water.

Me and My Sister

Does anyone else have a little sister? They are so cute but can be so crazy. My sister just turned 3. She is my best friend for a few hours out of everyday. We love to ride our bikes, go scootering, go to the park, go swimming and build magna tiles together. What I don't love is when she breaks my legos, takes my golf clubs, and writes all over my school work. But its ok. I think she will be better after "the terrible threes" end. What do you and your siblings like to do?

My PPE Project

I Kept Hearing About The Problem

There's many doctors in my family and I kept hearing about the shortage of personal protective equipment from them and also on the news.

Mar 12, 2020

Finding A Solution

I wanted to make masks, and started watching YouTube videos on how to make them, but realized I did not know how to sew nor did I have the necessary equipment. Then I started thinking about what else I could do.

Mar 16, 2020

An Idea Came To Me

I overheard my Aunt, an ER doctor, asking if she could borrow my mom's swim caps because there was a shortage of headgear. That made me think maybe she could use a shower cap instead, so I asked her if shower caps could be used as PPE, and she said yes. I knew exactly who would have a bunch of shower caps!

Mar 19, 2020

Taking Action

Because I travel so much with my family, I remembered that hotel rooms always have shower caps. I made a list of all the hotels in my town, and I asked my mom if she would help me call them for shower caps donations. Not only did I collect a bunch of shower caps, I was able to collect masks and gloves too!

Mar 23, 2020

Going For A Goal

I was so excited to tell my aunt and the hospital that I had collected 3000 units of PPE, but I wanted to collect even more. That same night I saw in the news that the Washington National Cathedral donated 5000 masks to nearby hospitals (https://cathedral.org/press-room/cathedral-to-donate-5000-masks-to-hospitals-to-combat-coronavirus/), and I just knew I could beat that number. I convinced my mom to please please let me keep going even though the shutdown had started.

Mar 26, 2020


I kept calling and going to other hotels who had supplies for me, and when I counted again, I had reached 6009 units of PPE (https://abcnews.go.com/US/year-donates-6000-masks-gloves-caps-hotels-hospital/story?id=69948357)! We immediately called the hospital to let them know about the supplies we had collected for them, and they quickly sent a courier to my house to collect everything.

Mar 28, 2020

President Obama Said I Did A Good Job

My local community was inspired by what I did, but I could not believe that President Obama heard about what I did and thought I did a good job and then tweeted about my work.

Mar 30, 2020


I continue to collect PPE from hotels and provide it to those in need. If you need PPE, please click here for a PPE kit.

Jul 01, 2020

Need PPE?

Click HERE to request a PPE KIT.  Please select KID or ADULT. 

2020 Honors Gala


The power of one team. Our annual INOVA Honors event is going virtual for 2020 to honor our frontline team members — 18,000 strong across Inova Health System — and the businesses and community organizations that helped them rise to the challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic. We will pay tribute to the heroes across Inova and our community who teamed up to put the needs of patients and families first.

  • Date: 11/6/2020 06:00 PM
  • Location: Online Event

Price: $150

Buy Now

Silent Auction

Silent Auction Silent Auction
For this year’s Honors Gala, I have collected and donated 8 Prizes (because that is how old I will be at the Gala).  The money raised from my donations will benefit the deserving frontline workers that have shown courage and determination during this uncertain and difficult time.  

"No act of kindness, however small, is wasted." - Aseop



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