Hi. My name is Zohaib.  Some of my friends like to call me Z or Zuzu.  I am 8 years old.  I am in 3rd grade at Guidepost Montessori in Virginia, the best school ever!

One thing I love is ALL sports. Playing and watching! I play soccer, basketball and golf. Me and my family love to go to Capitals, Nationals, and DC United games. It was so exciting when the Nats won the World Series.

I also just love to read books. Books at home, at the library, and at Barnes and Nobles. I did a challenge one summer where I read 1000 books before Kindergarten. This summer I am up to 500 since I read longer books now. In my other free time, I play chess, code, paint rocks, build legos, ride my bike, scooter, and swim.

And if I have more free time I learn new things! Its important to try new things. This summer we have been doing a lot of hiking so now I like to discover new parks and new trails. Also this summer my dad taught me how to fish. I came sooo close to catching my first one but the fish slipped off the hook. Cant wait to catch my first one. Also me and my cousin are learning skateboarding. Can't do many tricks yet but they look super fun.

Lastly, I love helping people, especially Doctors and Nurses. I think doctors and nurses are amazing superheroes because they save lives. They helped save my life when I was younger and had gotten really sick. I had to leave my school and all the sports I love. But these awesome doctors figured out what was wrong with me, took it out of my body and and cared for me at the hospital. Now I am healthy and can do anything I love.

When the pandemic stated in March 2020, I just knew I had to help the doctors and nurses who had helped me. And so I did! You can read all about how I came up with an idea to collect PPE from hotels. It turned out to be pretty awesome. It is great to be able to help others.  If you know anyone who still needs PPE they can always ask me for some. Just visit the Need PPE page and ill be sure to send some over.